This interactive map shows all castle(-ruins) in Scotland with

  • photo
  • Wikipedia-link and
  • Geo-Link at Google-Maps

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Beforehand a link to a map showing all(?) historic bridges of Scotland with their position and with links: and some other good links at the bottom.

I made following map during my preparations of a Scotland holiday. This map contains all castles in Scotland (listed by Wikipedia) which are inhabited or preserved completely, as a ruin or maybe only as a wall with some stones. The particularity of this map is, that all markers contain a direct-link to Wikipedia and to Google Maps (in satellite view). When no Wikipedia article is available, I choose an other web page.

You can explore the nearby area for castles or along your travel route. The start point of the map is the flagship Eilean Donan Castle (use the mouse wheel for zoom):

castle-ok-noAlpha = Castle preserved

castle-ruin-noAlpha = Castle ruin

Sorry: In the moment a big part of the pictures inside the dynamic links are not visible! The reason is the correct licence link. I have to improve this in the database in the next days. (about 50% made and visible) After correction, all the pictures will be visible again.

My start point for the content of this map was: En-Wikipedia: List of castles in Scotland (in March 2016)

Another tip: Often you can find out very good if a castle can be visited from outside by using following methods. Go via my link in the marker to the Google-Maps view and check:

  • „topology“ of the area/property.
  • Google shows some photos below its map. Look at these photos.
  • Use this small Street-View-puppet in order to check if the way is open for public.

An other source of interesting travel destinations is the interactive map of .

Who clicks throughout this map maybe could find the owner of some castles: Historic Environment Scotland. This organizations aim is the conservation and public relation of a lot of historic objects and sites. This extensive web site gives a lot of information inclusive daily updated information in case a site is closed for short time. In case the amount of the local tickets are too high for you: The money goes directly into conservation. There is more to pay as for a hand full gardeners. 😉

You can find at this website these interactive map where icons show, what can be visited for free and what cost some money for entry. But, also this is possible: Became a member of Historic Environment Scotland and you can visit all sites without additional fee.